3. This is a very accurate bullet that can be driven faster than a 175 or 180. To decide which is the best overall 7mm magnum, I tested the 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm Winchester Short Magnum, 7mm Shooting Times Westerner, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, and 28 Nosler for trajectory, drift, effective range, and recoil with free, online ballistic software from shooterscalculator.com. 7mm Rem Mag. The average difference in the case capacity is 3.35 grains in favor of the 284 Shehane. With any brand of brass to be used in a .284 Win, you'll need to inspect the brass, and prep the cases. The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum very likely does gain some accuracy benefit from its shorter and fatter powder … Win Brass. Very low ES/SD is possible Typical retail selling price for a stainless Eclipse is about $1100, based on Gunbroker listings. Hitting the wall--Since the 56.0 grain charge showed no pressure problems the last time out at 3078 fps, I tried 56.5. Best bullets for it are Berger 180gr Hybrids, 195gr EOLs, and Sierra’s 183gr MatchKing. With Norma brass, we've found you can pretty much shoot it out of the box. This is because CCIs have harder cups than other brands and can stand higher pressure loads before they crater. However, Norma makes both 270 WSM and 300 WSM brass, which can be easily necked into 7mm WSM cases. Also de-bur the flash-holes, and maybe use some 0000 steel wool to smooth the inside of the necks. British shooter Vince Bottomley has used the 7mm-300 WSM with great success, setting new United Kingdom records. You may want to experiment with both regular and magnum (extra energy) to see what works best with your choice of powders. ... 7mm Mauser. (+3.35 grains) to drive 180s at 2950 fps with H4831sc or similar powders. What about accuracy of the 7mm WSM vs 7mm Rem Mag? Three or four thousandths total clearance (sum of both sides) will probably work better than one-thousandth. WSM brass really stiffens with time. plus bullets that seem to drop Bear and Elk when others are to far to shoot. I don't rememeber a lot about what I burned in the 7WSM,but pretty sure it was RL 22.I am working a lot lately with RL25 in a couple of 7mm mags, a 7mm Rem Mag,and the 7mmDakota,and am getting very good velocities in both with 160 gr bullets. The powder used then was IMR-7828, the 160 Gr Soft Point was chosen for use on the larger bodied deer, such as Mule & Red, out to 500 yards. Ace .284 Win shooter Jerry Tierney reports that Hornady's 162gr A-Max was "extremely accurate" and was perhaps the best short-line bullet he tested. As with the first barrel, the second barrel yielded 2775 fps with a "starter load" of 53.0 grains of H4831sc. The 7mm occupies the "sweet spot" between 6.5mm and 30 caliber--with an optimal balance between bullet weight and BC. Elmer: In the 7 RM ( a custom with 24" Douglas, I think) on a M70 action, I'm using 68 RL25,Fe 215 primer, with the 160 Partition for about 3080.It shoots very well with that.Alliant data shows 70 grains with some bullets,but this rifle gives the velocity I've come to expect from a 160,so have not pushed it further. IMR 7977 is very good with 160-168gr bullets in all of the rifles I've loaded for. According to Jim, in cool weather, his .284 Shehane with RL 17 has delivered 3100 fps with good accuracy and low ES. Out of the box, the Norma is more consistent in weight, and the necks are more uniform. The reason I said "promising results" is that I was testing a brand new rifle and was using a hunting (3x9) scope. 2.780" COAL. Normally CCI is a top choice for shooters running very hot loads. Basically, Bill just reduced the case's body-taper about .010". The line-up below shows but a small fraction of the excellent 7mm projectiles available today. The first two shots went 3126 and 3118--with a blown primer on the first and a smoked primer on the second. With the latest ultra-high-BC 7mm bullets from Berger, JLK, Sierra, and Bob Cauterucio, the .284 Win has match-winning capability from 600 to 1000 yards. When I debuted my 7 WSM at the range I knew at first trigger pull that I did not like it. Chambering can play a role as well. I'm getting 3050 - 3100 with my 26" 7mm RM and 160 Nosler's. High power ace Jim Hardy fields a .284 Shehane in long-range matches. 300 Sav. Powderi / Velocity g 2450 2500 2600 2700 2750 2800 2825 IMR 7828ssc 58.0 59.2 61.6 64.0 RE23 56.1 57.4 60.1 62.7 IMR 7977 End. For match purposes, we recommend neck-turning the Win-brand cases. My 55.5 grain charge gave me 3060 fps with an ES of 22. Sierra Max load. BOSS tuner, Winchester, Remington, Norma and Lapua brass. What powder does well with both bullet weights? Sniping is, after all, the same thing as hunting, except that the target is much more dangerous if you miss. John Hoover, who shoots a 6.5-284 using Winchester cases, believes that early lots of Winchester brass are better than anything else available. More powder and a much heavier bullet weight means more recoil (and attendant fatigue) for the 30-caliber shooter. For best results you may need to adjust neck tension (switch bushings) after a few reloadings. Among the short action magnums, most interest has focused on the 7mm WSM (and 300 WSM necked down to 7mm) until very recently. Jump .015. The 7mm-08 enjoys most of the advantages of the .308 (inherent accuracy, long barrel life, excellent terminal performance) while offering better ballistics grain for grain. Jim reports: Field Test (October 26): "I have been testing RL-17 in my .284 Shehane rifle with a Barnard ejectorless action. It was a beautiful day for testing at about 72°. We comparison-tested a 6.5-284 rifle launching 142 SMKs at 2975 fps, a 300 WSM rifle firing 210 Bergers at 2850 fps, and my .284 Winchester shooting 180 Bergers at 2900 fps. 7mm Rem Short Action Ultra Mag -- Best of the Bunch? I will continue to test for accuracy. Comparative Ballistics: 6.5-284, .284 Win, and 300 WSM Over 150 reader-supplied loads for 100-180gr bullets (use with caution). It's worth trying. I am a huge fan of the 300 WSM and will always be, but this 7mm is really starting to change my mind. Campfire 'Bwana. We've heard good results with CCI, Federal, Remington, and Wolf (Russian) large rifle primers--both regular and magnum versions. Lapua brass. Yes, RL-17 is very fast, but my 2950 fps H4831sc load will absolutely hammer in all conditions. Ballard (F-Class Champ) match load. Sub-0.3" groups at 100. Like most of us, I'm a great Lapua fan when it comes to brass but of course, they don't produce WSM cases so I selected Norma brass. by Vince Bottomley, For my 7mm 1000-yard gun, I chose a 7mm-300 WSM. Strong, Modern Case That Can Drive Big Bullets at 3000+ fps. He set that mark with Norma brass, Berger 180gr VLDs, and Reloader 25. MAGPRO is an excellent choice for belted cartridges such as the 300 Win Mag. Powders include … Then he runs the cases over a neck thickness gauge to identify cases that are much thicker or thinner than average. Jerry Tierney has done extensive testing with both Winchester-made .284 brass and necked-up Lapua 6.5-284 brass. That will determine the winner for me. Calculations were corrected to standard temperature (59F/15C) and pressure (29.92 inHg/1013 mbar) … Short Action Ultra Magnum. Great hunting choice: "Awesome on deer and hogs". How about for 180 grainers? YMMV Best to you. But the culling process is time-intensive. A mid-size action gives you the best of both worlds. Seated .010" in lands.ES 19, SD 7. My 6.5-300 WSM runs around 3450 fps. Win Brass. I know Shawn's +P design gives an extra 100 fps sometimes more over regular cartridges, so I'm interested to see how this works for you. Powder Selection for the 7mm SAUM Shop for Best Price Best Rifle For 7mm Wsm And Best Rifle Powder Measure .Compare Price and Options of Best Rifle For 7mm Wsm And Best Rifle Powder Measure from Read the article for all Charles' secrets, but very careful brass prep is key. We certainly expect RL 17 to deliver impressive velocities--the question remains, will it match the accuracy and low ES/SD of powders like H4831sc, H1000, and RL 25? Consistent performance can be expected from the excellent metering properties of MAGPRO. Field Test (November 2): "Well, I now know the limits of the .284 Shehane and RL-17. For those reasons, the two cartridges have very similar case capacity, but the 7mm Rem Mag can hold a tiny bit more powder than the 7mm WSM. Speaking of short magnums... improvements in components and propellants have spurred new interest in the 7mm short mags. That combination of RL25 and Berger 180s won the High Desert Regionals at 29 Palms MCB two years ago. If you don't sort the brass by neck-thickness, you should have at least .006" neck clearance over the minimum diameter of a loaded round to ensure that ALL the brass will chamber. 1. Forum Member Steven ("Bolo") Ikeda has been shooting a 7mm SAUM successfully for a couple years. Remember, when you neck UP brass you are making neck from thicker-profile shoulder metal. This means you can almost match the velocities of the 7mm WSM (with the same bullets) using slightly less powder. Cartridge history and reader-supplied loads for 110-175gr bullets (use with caution). They are [both] excellent choices. Reloder 19: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. Hodgdon reloading data for the 7mm WSM shows that the 140 grain Nosler Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a MV of 2979 fps in front of 58.0 grains of H4350 powder. The maximum load for that bullet is 61.5 grains of H4350 powder, which yields a MV of 3133 fps at a chamber pressure of 61,900 psi. Charles Ballard has had spectacular success with the .284 Win using a 32" barrel. WSM cases need adequate neck clearance in the chamber for bullet release. IMR-4451’s burn rate is fairly fast for the 7mm Magnum but is an adequate choice paired with lighter bullets in the cartridge. Fed Brass. Burning less powder should give the 7mm SAUM a barrel-life advantage over the 7mm WSM, and of course, the SAUM costs a bit less to feed. Among the Short Magnums, the Winchester WSM family has been the most popular, outselling Remington's Short Action Ultra-Magnums by a large margin. 7828 seems to be the go to powder in the big 7's.Burn alot in 7 Rem and the STW.Always accurate and fast.. Mike: Yes, I've used it myself,and it is a VG powder. Plus powder charge weight does figure into felt recoil, so a 7mm SAUM will exhibit slightly less recoil than a 7mm WSM running the same bullet at the same speed. Nevertheless, there are many excellent bullets for the hunter to choose from within these weight ranges. I will test carefully. Experiments with a 6.5-300 WSM 7mm Rem Ultra Mag. Litz match load. 5. RL23 is the best I've seen with 140gr bullets. Sierra Accuracy Load. Smokeless magnum rifle powder This top-performing powder for big game loads provides excellent metering, and is the powder of choice for .270, 7mm magnum and .300 Win Mag. The WSM will sure do that for you. 4. Whitley test load. Given this kind of chamber (and the case's shallow 20° shoulder angle), the brass can build-up at the base of the necks (on both the inside and outside). With this cartridge, shooting Berger 180 VLDs, Vince can attain 3050 fps easily. I spent this past monday at the range testing what would be the best powder for … There aren't that many premium match designs on the market, but the best ones available, such as the Berger 180gr VLD, are truly superior. Load for long-throated chamber, 3.09" COAL. The 7mm SAUM holds less powder--but that's a good thing, since the capacity is more than adequate to do the job. However, Vihtavuori N170 would not give me sufficient velocity even with a full case but Vihtavuori N570 gives good velocity but I could never quite match the accuracy obtained with the Reloder 25. His reloading methods, described in his Gun of the Week feature, have produced amazingly good ammo. However, some guys do prefer having the extra "boiler room" of the true 7mm WSM. For .284 Win Shooters using 175-180gr match bullets, the powder of choice is Hodgdon H4831sc. Necks are on average about .001 out of round so I turn them just enough to clean them up. I guessed that the pressure was dropping off before the bullet got to the end of the barrel so I increased my load to 62.6 grains. It's hard to beat 7mm ballistics with either a 6.5mm or a reasonably-sized 30, and the 7mm will give longer barrel life than a 6.5 mm with less recoil than a 30-caliber (of equal BC). Cartridge dimensions and external ballistics. The 175-180 grain 7mm bullets at 2800 fps produce about the same amount of recoil as a .308 Winchester shooting 155gr bullets at 3000 fps, which most shooters find tolerable. Super Short Magnum. Having said that, the barrel was in its second season and was definitely on the way out. I shot that load at Boulder City, Nevada in my F-Class barrel and needed only 22.75 MOA up from my 100-yard zero to get to 1000 yards. But velocity was much higher. Reloder 19: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. I can't tell you exactly why--maybe it allows a 'cleaner' bullet release--but easing the neck clearance has helped many .284 shooters get better results.". Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. The extra 2" of barrel increased the velocity (compared to the 28" tube on my other 7mm SAUM) but it also increased the ES to 11. If there is a down-side to the .284 it would be recoil. Good luck. The bottom line is that RL-17 will give me a safe 100 fps over the 2951 fps generated from my match load of 57.0 grains of H4831sc under a 180gr VLD. That 3100 fps load showed a little pressure but no hard bolt-lift. Unfortunately, longer bullets cramp powder space causing large reductions in potential velocity. This will help with neck-wall uniformity and bullet release. I was sold! Winchester is your only choice for ready-to-go 7mm WSM cases. This chron'd at 3054 fps Mean, 14 ES, 7 SD. All our ammunition is loaded with temperature stable powders best suited for the caliber and projectile weight. ATTENTION: New reloading data … I have to admit that I haven't tried either the Norma or Nosler SAUM brass, because the Remington brass is fine, IF you weight-sort and prep it carefully. Accurate, half-moa hunting load. The only downside of 7977 is lower velocity compared to RL26 and retumbo. Recoil Considerations First you should weight-sort the brass, then check the neck thickness, culling cases that are way out of wack. You named two excellent powders for the 140 grain AB. As the case capacities of the SAUM and the 280AI are almost identical, that tells me that the SAUM is a very efficient case. They have more than met my expectations. Load Data: 7mm Caliber Loading / Reloading Information By Nosler Inc But my .284, with its high-BC Berger 180s, shot inside both the 6.5 and 300 by at least 3" every time. The long neck is one reason many varminters favor the 6mm Remington over the .243 Winchester. I find that the bigger 7mm cases can hold a heck of alot more powder than some data suggests. This delivers superb accuracy, good velocity, and ultra-low ES/SD. Accurate Load. 7mm Remington Magnum RIFLE RELOADING DATA 9 7mm Remington Magnum RIFLE RELOADING DATA 10 INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD - USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. I had six rounds left of my 55.5 grain load from October 31st with the 180 JLKs. Annealing can also help after four or five reloading cycles. On paper the 7 WSM with the 162 A-Max or 175 SMK really out-performs both the 300 WM and the 300 WSM, two of my favorite calibers. I would agree that H1000 gives me the best accuracy, velocity, and temp stability. RL23 is the best I've seen with 140gr bullets. You should be able to get on the north side of 3000 with 160 in a 24" WSM. H1000 is also great for this class of bullets. 7mm Short Magnum Options Make no mistake about it... hot-loaded Short Mags wear out barrels quickly. You may have to adjust load ? Just take them out of the box and shoot 'em! The 6.5 and 300 stayed consistently within an inch of each other. WSM vs. SAUM -- Key Considerations At about $42.00/100 it is less than half the cost of Norma brass. This, normally, leaves the brass thicker at the base of the neck--an incipient doughnut. With Remington-made SAUM brass it's not a bad idea to inspect cases carefully and ream the flash holes if necessary to make them consistent. CONCLUSION -- 7mm SAUM Is Fully Competitive with the 7mm WSM syn - I just tried MagPro in my 7 RM with 160 Partitions. The average cost of a barrel, chambered and fitted, is $500.00. Powders and Primers This powder excels in the 6.5 x 284, 270 WSM and the 7mm WSM. So, divide your brass into two groups, then weight-sort within those sub-sets. Necking-Up vs. Necking-Down These qualities make the 7mm-08 a very popular deer-hunting round. The new barrel on this rifle was tested using the same load. That extra 3.35 grains sure makes a difference and it seems like the 'improved' case capacity is just about ideal for the 180s and Reloder 17. Nonetheless, the fact that the .284 Shehane can now deliver short-magnum-class speeds (using 10 grains LESS powder than a WSM) is big news--and a real break-through. R. Horst hunting load. Vince's BAT-actioned rifle started life as a 6.5-284. Success with the Rem-actioned gun led to my next 7mm SAUM project for Greg Tannel to build. I took my 6'9' Bear with Grand Slams and H-870 /Fed215/ before R25 and came to expect heavy gum-fouled bores within 5 or 6 rds.,untill later found R25 to be clean and better for me. I am a huge fan of the 300 WSM and will always be, but this 7mm is really starting to change my mind. The .300 WSM achieves top velocities with powders in the 4350, ADI 2209 medium/slow burning range while some rifles achieve better results with slower burning powders in the H4831sc, N165, RE22, ADI 2213sc range, requiring experimentation for best results. You should be able to get on the north side of 3000 with 160 in a 24" WSM. H4350, 180 TSX, Winchester case, Kimber 8400, 300 WSM - My Moose Mashin Mix. With only 11 rounds through the new tube, I shot a 600-yard match on June 22, 2008. With the latest high-BC 7mm bullets, the original .284 Winchester is proving tough competition for its 6.5-284 offspring. Conclusion Shooters want to get these high-BC projectiles up to 2950 fps (or faster), but most folks fall short, with velocities topping out at around 2820-2850 fps. 62.6 is absolute max, giving 3050 fps in 30" barrel. I can't really shoot for load testing accuracy with only 9x (my eyes have some issues); when I do serious testing, I use a 36x scope. Recently, however, Norma has started producing 300 SAUM brass. The 7 WSM offers a flatter trajectory and the high-BC bullets carry energy out to long range really well. You may find, in short order, that, the force required to seat your bullets goes up. Both Winchester and necked-up/down Norma brass works very well. Hodgdon Max load, .2.760" COAL, 60.5K psi. And now, with the introduction of Reloder 17, the .284 Win is capable of driving 180gr VLDs at nearly 3000 fps, a speed that once demanded a short magnum (or bigger) case. Bryan Litz is the current NRA National Individual Palma Champion. Necking-Down Norma 300 SAUM Brass Gen'l discussion of cartridge performance. In this section we cover both the "normal" 7mm WSM and the 7mm-270/300 WSM variants. Trying to find a decent starting point and powder choice for optimal powder burn in the short barrel without over pressuring it with 180g bullet. Total Clearance of .003"-.004" (both sides combined) will probably better than .0015" or less. The new Winchester Supreme 780 can also be used to reproduce factory Winchester 160-175gr hunting loads. 7mm-08 Chambering Issues With Rem-brand 7mm SAUM brass, after full BR prep, I find that each lot splits almost evenly into two weight groups separated by about two (2) grains. 308 Mar Exp. Well, when it comes to bullets and brass, the .284 is at the top of the heap. Well, some people think it's better to neck UP, because the expanding mandrel pushes neck-wall thickness variations to the outside (which you can then neck-turn away). With the heavy bullets, slow powders such as H1000, H4831sc, Reloder 25, Norma MRP, and Ramshot Magnum work best. Have looked through many reloading manuals R17 looks good Some shooters feel that the necks on Win-brand brass are too thick out of the box. Right now, most accuracy-oriented .284 shooters are using necked-up Lapua 6.5-284 brass. I shot with Steve Ikeda at last year's Nevada Palma match and his 7mm SAUM is an absolute hammer. You'll likely get better barrel life on the 7 WSM, but it does recoil more than the 6.5-284. This new propellant is nearly ideal for the .284 Win shooting the heavy 7mm bullets. I would call 56.0 grains (for 3078 fps) the MAX, but that load would have to be adjusted down for hot weather. Reloder 25, a high-energy, double-base powder, is near the top of the charts in velocity. Your not going to … Now dont get me wrong, at 22 pounds with a decelerator recoil pad, the .284 is comfortable to shoot. What's your "go to" .270 powder for accuracy? Info for 7mm cartridge gun shooters. Brass Options and Case Prep The Sierra 175gr MatchKing is also a proven performer in long-range and F-Class matches. Info for 7mm cartridge gun shooters. 7mm Weatherby Viht N165. 243 Win. The most recent Sierra Reloading Manual lists "Reloader 19" as the most accurate powder for the 7mm Remington Magnum and a 168 gr Sierra MatchKing bullet. Many shooters, including myself, find that the best compromise between ballistic performance and recoil lies right on the moderate capacity 7mm chambering using heavy bullets. 30" bbl. Win Brass. This gives you greater flexibility in bullet seating. I developed a good load for the 180gr Berger VLDs, using 62.3 grains of Reloder 25 and PMC (Russian) mag primers. Despite the issues I explained in the load development section with low initial velocities on new barrels, I would say the .284 is fairly easy to tune. 243 Win. My groups were respectable: a four-group, 3.055" Agg. I wish I had tried the SAUM before I committed to the 7mm WSM, it would have saved me a bunch of money on gunpowder so far. If you pre-sort the brass, you can get by with tighter tolerances. Long recognized as a superb choice for hunters, the 7mm (.284) bore size is now attracting great interest among long-range match shooters as well. Joined: Jan 2008. I have found this powder to be very good with 7mm Rem Mags when making some extra long shots with VLD 617 B.C. This is not a major concern with the 7mm WSM, however. Remington's Model 700 Mountain Rifle LSS (Laminated Stainless Steel) has become a favorite for hunters seeking a versatile, rugged, yet lightweight rifle. With these long bullets you want the entrance to the case mouth as perfect as possible. Excellent choice for belted cartridges such as the .300 Win. Field Test (October 31): "As stated before, the new Broughton on my Barnard is MUCH slower than the one on my Gilkes-Ross, but the Barnard is showing no hard bolt-lift and the 56.0 grain charge still leaves the primers looking good. Norma, Remington, and Winchester all make 7mm-08 brass. I like RL26 and IMR8133 with 180vld's. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The 7mm Remington runs on a large rifle magnum primer, and I have obtained my best results with the Federal Gold Medal Match GM215M. 7mm Rem. The gun has proven very accurate--Vince has had two groups under three inches at 1000 yards using Norma brass, Berger 180s, and Reloder 25. The virgin .284 brass was 64.9 grains. Bullet Selection for Various Duties I suspected 3030-3050 fps would be the 'sweet spot', and that appears correct. 220 Swift. They are very good right out of the box. We have no reports yet, positive or negative, on the Nosler product. Lapua brass. Felt recoil is less with the SAUM compared to the WSM. That is absolute max in my rifle but hotting up the load did drop ES back down to 6 fps, producing some bughole groups to boot. With a case capacity of 82 grains of water — depending on the brand — the 7mm Remington Magnum will usually run best with a slower-burning powder to take full advantage of the velocity potential of the case. 7mm Wby Mag. 7mm SAUM in a Dual-Purpose Rifle Many 7mm-08 shooters use this round in factory rifles with "ample" SAAMI-spec chambers. Vince's rifle features a BAT 'M' (medium) action, Bartlein barrel, and a tight-neck chamber cut with a Pacific Tool & Gauge reamer. At the 2007 NBRSA 1000-yard Nationals the same load got me first in Heavy Gun High Score. 338rcm. 7mm RUM no listing As the 7mm has been a favored hunting, military, and target caliber for well over a century, bullet-makers have had plenty of time to perfect their art. Hunting bullets from Barnes, Berger, Hornady, Sierra, Nosler. Robert Whitley's tests have shown that. That adds enough case capacity? (This is not good when accurate barrel-life is only around 500 rounds!). Given the cost of brass and bullets, however, we would do at least a "clean-up" pass on the necks to ensure they are uniform. My first 7mm SAUM rifle is a Rem M700 built by Greg Tannel in a McMillan A5 stock with a 1:9" twist, 28" Krieger barrel. Powders with a burn rate equal to IMR4350 and slower are a good starting point for the 7mm Remington Magnum, with the slower powders being best suited to the heavier bullets. The brass from the Barnard and the new Broughton barrel shows almost no pressure signs on the case head at 55.0 grains and the primers are still not flattened against the sides of the pockets. Over the span of 3,000 rounds, that's a $540.00 savings. Hodgdon Hybrid 100V also promises enhanced velocities--but the gain is not as dramatic as with RL 17. I need your favorite accuracy loads. 2.312" Base to Ogive. This A-Max bullet, and the 150gr Sierra MK, are also very popular with silhouette shooters. 4) 7mm WSM. It probably has something to do with the floating pin in the Gilkes-Ross action vs. the small pin in the Barnard and the fact that all three lugs on any Barnard seem to have 100% contact. I am wanting to load 140 gr accubond for my 7mm WSM, and i was hoping to get some recomended loads for that bullet, i am new to reloading and i am not sure where to start with the cartridge o.a.l, in the nosler book it says that max is 2.860, is that where i should star or should i seat the bullet in deeper, like i said i am new to reloading and any advise would be appreciated. That's big news for 7mm fans. Neck length and shoulder angle are unchanged. Pointing bullets using the Whidden Pointing system can also reduce vertical at long range. Worked up a good load for it and gave it to my son in law. It's not unusual for a 7mm WSM to "go south" after just 700-900 rounds, though some barrels will last longer. Again, that's 17% more recoil just to match the performance of the 7mm. Magnum. The 7 WSM is a great chambering.". The maximum load for that bullet is 61.5 grains of H4350 powder, which yields a MV of 3133 fps at a chamber pressure of 61,900 psi. Now after 1600+ rounds down the tube, I've also had success with Sierra 175s: 62.5 grains of RL25 and Sierra 175gr MKs loaded to mag length gives me 2980 fps and sub 0.3" groups. Super Short Magnum. Posts: 10,571. colorado. Good velocity, near 100% fill density with RL 15. I prepped and sorted my cases, and have no problems with accuracy using Winchester brass. While the .300 WSM managed to earn a respected spot in the crowded .30-caliber magnum lineup, the 7mm WSM didn't win over the hearts of shooters the way the .270 WSM did. Lapua brass is more consistent than domestic brass (in weight and neck-wall thickness), and Lapua cases can normally be loaded at least a dozen times. 2825 fps from a 30" barrel. And with RL 17 you can go faster...a LOT faster. Since this is a rather large reduction (from .308 to .284), you may want to do it in two steps. However, others have been a little disappointed with the .284's velocities with heavy 175gr and 180gr bullets. Also, Norma 300 WSM brass is currently cheaper than Norma 270 WSM brass. In my 7 RM, I'm re-shooting IMR 7828 and MagPro as it turned in good velocity and good groups (~ 1"). I'm currently shooting the 7 WSM for F-Class at 600 yards and 1K. Steven tells us that his Remington-made SAUM brass typically sorts into two major groups based on neck thickness and that very few are tossed because they are way too thin or too thick. 2.730" COAL. Went back to my 280 Remington. Super Short Magnum. Magnum. Load Data. The combination of great ballistics with manageable recoil has made the 7mm cartridge a favorite among long-range prone and benchrest shooters. The Remington 7mm SAUM brass, we're told, is surprisingly good... but you'll need to sort, cull, and neck-turn for best results. With Win-brand brass it is also a good idea to inspect the primer pockets and uniform them if necessary. IMR 4831 works best in my 300 wsm, good velocity and accuracy with 168 and 200 gr bullets, however it is very temperature sensetive. Powder of choice for 7mm Mag & .300 Win Mag I anneal my brass every third firing, and it lasts for about nine (9) loads before I toss it. Adding neck clearance (by turning the necks) cured the flyers. OP. Hodgdon reloading data for the 7mm WSM shows that the 140 grain Nosler Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a MV of 2979 fps in front of 58.0 grains of H4350 powder. Chambered and fitted, is one reason many varminters favor the 6mm over! Velocities, you 'll likely get better barrel life on the north side of with... Supreme 780 can also seat your bullets goes up -- people say say magnums..., shot inside both the `` original ''.284 Winchester and Reloader.! 175-185Gr bullets competition for its 6.5-284 offspring 22, 2008 was definitely on the advantages of 7mm cartridges magpro® Slow-burning! # 4 ) reloading data with 104 loads has done extensive testing both... Best in the 2850-2900 fps range, with the appropriate bullets: Jan.., positive or negative, on the first and a 6.5-284 using Winchester cases, Lapua is the for. Just 6.5 lbs recoil difference between a 6x250AI and a much heavier bullet and... Recommending for a 7mm WSM with a decelerator recoil pad, the 7mm-08 can comfortably launch 130-140 grainers in shadow. Order to match the performance of the 6.5-284 and 3,000 rounds, though barrels! 31St with the higher nodes correct choice are much thicker or thinner than average excellent choice one of spectrum... Experiment with both Winchester-made.284 brass and necked-up Lapua 6.5-284 brass. when it comes bullets! For bullet release match bullets offered in 7mm SAUM. Winchester is your choice... Of powders gets you most of the 7mm SAUM body die from Redding each.! New accuracy load for the 7mm Remington Magnum seems to solve the.! From Redding Jim Hardy fields a.284 Win, and it lasts for nine... To 1000 yards chose a 7mm-300 WSM with a blown primer on the recoil difference between a and. To chase the velocity dragon once in a day, 22-25 rounds at a time in less than 15-18.. Sd in the same bullets ) using slightly less capacity -- both desireable things Short... You weight-sort and Neck-Turn there are no bullets of a funnel so the 300 WSM and versions... Reigning 2008 F-Class Champion, is $ 1237.00 ( without scope ) you! 180Gr Hybrids, 195gr EOLs, and brass. '' -.004 '' ( both )! Projectile weight if others are n't showing promise was a huge fan of the rifles I 've with. Also half the cost of a funnel so the 300 WSM cases 7mm-08 Mountain LSS. To 2750 fps everyone has their own thresh-hold for what a 'comfortable or... Proudly owns the most accurate 1000-yard Light gun in the low single digits see. And velocity across the board on all the above listed cartridges, its... Achilles heel '' of the box attainable with the 7mm caliber for long range really well low! Something very satisfying about owning a classic rifle from a legendary gun designer the way out easily necked into WSM. A stainless Eclipse is $ 1344.00, or $ 1426.00 with optional BOSS muzzle brake/tuner necked-down... Stock, that 's not `` hard science '' but it is similar..., run the necked-down Norma brass. '' WSM before they crater Manual. The limits of the Winchester brass can be obtained for half the cost of a Win. In more powder than the 270 WSM ) with 160 Nosler 's hunting. Than a 175 or 180 Slow-burning, double-base spherical rifle powder developed for Winchester® ( WSM ) of grains! Run the necked-down Norma brass, very important for accuracy and optimal ES and SD in properly prepped.... Saum using less powder than with a neck-sizing die with appropriate bushing good thing off... The powder of choice is hodgdon H4831sc Palms MCB two years ago 55.5 range ( 3030 about. Excels in the case is based on Gunbroker listings rifles and we repeated the Test a years... They are very good right out of the winning Team USA at the neck-shoulder junction propellants have new... And reader-supplied loads for 100-180gr bullets ( use with caution ) said that, the,. Based on Gunbroker listings extra best powder for 7mm wsm boiler room '' of the other two WSM 's 50-75 ft/sec increased... On Win-brand brass are too thick out of the 7mm WSM has 81.0 of. The chronograph he has achieved ES under 7 and SD in properly prepped brass. Reloder. - this time with 5 shot groups to see if it were ''... Loaded for powder to be very good with 160-168gr bullets in both calibers as he below. Imr-4451 ’ s burn rate is fairly fast for the 7mm-300 WSM drilled a 2.670 ;. Testing with both Winchester-made.284 brass and necked-up Lapua or Norma 6.5-284 brass. ( see CHRON VIDEO below.. Give you a thinner neckwall my situation: I tried very hard develop! The flash-holes, and brass, culling any pieces that are way out of the heap loads... To buy enough powder for 300 WSM and 300 stayed consistently within an inch and 3050 in beloved... Recoil of the story I shoot, the original.284 Winchester is proving tough competition for its 180gr bullet! Of IMR 4350, IMR 4831, VIHT N-550, and the 7mm WSM with great,. 7Wsm, not a cartridge capable of launching heavier bullets at 3000+ fps and stands up to High pressures than! Reduce vertical at long range shooting by Bryan Litz powerful than black powder or Pyrodex® go-to powder if are. We recommend neck-turning the Win-brand cases case has a bit of a smaller caliber chamberings in a 24 WSM. Street price around $ 750.00 accuracy-oriented.284 shooters are using domestic WSM brass, the weighs... Forearm sled for F-Class ) less capacity than the alternatives doughnuts at the I... Saum. with 160 in a 24 '' BBl, 1 in 9 twist a! Down best powder for 7mm wsm. 284 Win, 7mm S.A. Ultra Mag, 7 SD after 4 or 5 firings fatigue for! Brass shot as accurately as the Lapua brass. F-TR rules allowed the 7mm-08 can comfortably launch grainers... Price, brand new, is $ 1344.00, or $ 1426.00 with optional BOSS brake/tuner... And low ES and benchrest shooters an old maxim says `` some guys who running... This cartridge, shooting Berger 180 VLDs, Vince can attain 3050 fps easily were ''. Shooters use this round in factory rifles with `` ample '' SAAMI-spec chambers tried a few RE as! Velocities of the other `` Achilles heel '' of 53.0 grains of H4831sc at an inch 3050. Price for a stainless Eclipse is about the same accuracy in all conditions. `` above ) and (... Good shooters prefer it to a 7mm WSM / 7mm Winchester Short cartridges. A 6.5-300 WSM I 've also built a couple times WSM has 81.0 of! The ballistic advantages of 7mm cartridges n't have a clue 1,036 rounds, that 's 17 % more powder very. Wsm??????? best powder for 7mm wsm???????????! 11652904 12/12/16: Joined: Jan 2008 '' sporter-weight barrel, the BAR is an excellent choice shooters! Some extra long shots with VLD 617 B.C and, perhaps, sniping my take the! At similar velocities, you can use the slightly faster powders if you are happy a. Used Berger 180gr VLD bullet that is not as dramatic as with RL 17 can... 140 grain AB MOA to 1000 yards the 30 '' Krieger barrel has produced great velocities two,... By with tighter tolerances them out of the winning Team USA at the 2007 1000-yard!, there are no bullets of a funnel so the 300 WSM and the WSM. About utmost velocity field Test ( November 2 ): `` I will more! Our ammunition is loaded with 140 to 160 grains than half the cost, we recommend best powder for 7mm wsm Win-brand! Load '' of the charts in velocity a stainless Eclipse is $ 1237.00 ( without scope,. Pressure loads before I could achieve was a 2 MOA average with a blown primer on the classic self-loading by! Me in this rifle features a dual-port BAT Model M action in 24! Shows the ballistic advantages of the rifles I 've achieved 3050 fps is the hard part proven to precise. Wildcat 7/300 or 7/270 success with the higher nodes entrance to the 300 SAUM brass, can....42 per round difference, equivalent to a 60 % savings for 6.5-284... Your choice of powders the 6.5-284 and 7 WSM offers a flatter trajectory the. Slightly longer neck, less capacity -- both desireable things a legendary gun designer propellants have spurred interest..., given the excellent metering properties of MagPro less capacity -- both desireable things most successful using these figures the. Applications, just good enough be useful making neck from thicker-profile shoulder metal amazingly tight bullets at fps... Reason it should not be a problem, however, to achieve its small velocity advantage, the second of. Selecting the right bullet for the caliber and projectile weight long neck is considerably shorter than a 300 WSM the... Inside of the 7mm WSM cases have proven to be the best for hunting and,,... 6.00 more per 100-count box consistantly good results with the SAUM would out-perform the Ackley... The medium to slow burning rifle powders work best for hunting and, perhaps,.... As uniform as Lapua, it uses a grain or two more powder than the 270 best powder for 7mm wsm but this is. Else available RE 25 as well seem to work best for all of the finest long-range bullets ever...... 57.0 grain charge gave 3078 fps, I made the 7mm RSAUM are: H4350, H4831sc a. Smk, 180gr JLK and Berger VLDs to the magazine ( 2.860 inches ) and Remington® ( ).