• Sterilization Certificate

  • Sterilization Certificate

Sterilization and Dentistry

Do you ever wonder about those instruments that are placed in your mouth? Body fluids especially saliva can carry disease and transmit infection to patients. Because of the risk of infection, sterilization is a primary concern in our dental office. 

These include, highly impermeable disposable gloves worn by all personnel for every patient and changed between patients. Furthermore, masks are worn to protect against airborne contaminants.

Many material items are disposable and discarded immediately, towels, napkins, cotton, etc. If an item is not disposable, such as a piece of dental equipment or tubing a barrier is created and changed between patients with further spraying of the equipment with an antiviral-antibacterial agent. 

Our sterilization section is uniquely open for viewing by all patients. There, all sterilizable equipments and materials used in the office go through an independent ultrasonic cleaning and a highly specialized in-package sterilization procedure (autoclaving).

Packaging is maintained till equipments reach patients to ensure continued purity.

All dental chairs are further disinfected by spraying/wiping between patients and all clinics likewise at the end of the day.